The most beautiful human moment of my life

What I love about this is how human it is. The tank commander doesn’t want to just run this guy over. Don’t think of it as a man facing down a machine. Think of it as a very brave, very scared man facing a very scared kid inside a machine. That kid is making a very hard moral choice and, at least for the moment, making the best human one.

We don’t know how many people died that summer, but this man, just coming home with his groceries, stopped it from being more.

Rush Limbaugh Balks When He Gets What He Wanted, and Finally Some Democrats Figure Out Media

My hope is that the Democratic Party will use its newfound media savvy for good and not for evil.

See, they know that Rush Limbaugh is a political clown. He throws dogshit from the peanut gallery where he knows he has no responsibility, where his hypocricy is irrelevant. The Republican party, having made him an honorary member of Congress, having invited him to the White House for dinner, sees him as a rabble rouser, part of their propaganda arm but not, of course, a real politician.

But now the Obama administration is saying that Rush represents the true Republican party. The drug abuser and accuser, the racist and callow slinger of words designed to foment division between Americans, the runner up to Ann Coulter, pay attention to him. Because if you don’t agree with Rush (and not many actually do), then you’re not a real Republican.

It would be a vicious tactic, a part of a larger divide-and-conquer strategy that is being enacted on the Republicans now that they’re down, but for the fact that it’s everything they’ve ever wanted. He wanted that position. They kept giving it to him. Now they look like assholes and are backpedaling furiously to distance themselves from him.

Conservatism has proven itself to be poison and he’s standing there, trying to look innocent while trying to hide his skull and crossbones label. All the Obama administration has done is point to the label.

I Ain’t Your B!$(#, M*)#%&! Buy Your Own Damn Fries.


OK. Here‘s for you. And you, and you. From April Winchell, bless her little heart.

Our President swearing a blue streak.

Technically, he’s reading someone else’s swearing from his autobiography, but don’t worry, we can decontexualize it in 4 seconds flat. Perhaps the most shocking is hearing him say “ain’t”– I’d say that’s the word he seems most uncomfortable with. I can’t wait to hear this remixed into 1/3 of all new YouTube videos for the next 7 months. IT WILL NOT GET OLD.

George W. Bush’s horrible e-mail secret, revealed

From the New York Times article about Obama having to surrender his Blackberry1:

Three days before his first inauguration, George W. Bush sent a message to 42 friends and relatives that explained his predicament.

“Since I do not want my private conversations looked at by those out to embarrass, the only course of action is not to correspond in cyberspace,” Mr. Bush wrote from his old address, “This saddens me. I have enjoyed conversing with each of you.”


1 This is idiotic, by the way. Concerns about security? All devices like that have remote wipe. Presidential Records Act? How hard is it to back up email — sure, the current administration couldn’t do it, but apparently they had enough trouble with the internet that they had to go with AOL. But whatever, the dude in chief should have an iPhone anyhow.

it sickens me to look at rudy giuliani

This guy is the worst. His special brand of jingoistic, fear-based pandering will earn him a special place in hell. If he could get out a single goddamn sentence without invoking 9/11, I would up and faint with shock. He’s outright repugnant, and I’d actually rather we elect, oh, why not a donkey wearing a diaper than give this horrible crust of a man any more attention than he’s already been given.

In closing, if Rudy Giuliani loves 9/11 so much, why doesn’t he marry 9/11. Then he could cheat on it.


romney strapped a dog to his car roof

No, but seriously, Mitt Romney once strapped his poor dog to the fucking roof of his car, and drove for 12 hours, and the dog was so terribly, gut-wrenchingly afraid that it pooped itself the whole time, and Mitt Romney thought that was a super-duper, a-ok thing to do.

I wouldn’t put a guy like that in charge of a car wash drive-thru, never mind an ideologically divided country teetering on the edge of complete social collapse. Why are we even pretending this douche is a viable candidate?


fuck ron paul

As Fake Steve points out, Ron Paul is a pretty decent candidate, except for his freakin’ crazy nut-job radical pro-life anti-abortion stance, or as FSJ says so eloquently, “you gotta lets the ladies control their lady parts.” Seriously, this is a show-stopper, a deal-breaker, game over right there, and I don’t understand for the life of me how Ron Paul’s incredibly vocal supposedly progressive core constituency of 23-year-old male Internet addicts can overlook this honkingly awful and horribly antiquated area of his platform.

Seriously, it’s 2008 — even the most hard core pro-life zealot would have to agree that this country already had this conversation, and there are other important conversations we desperately need to have. Let’s move on to the more pressing matters at hand.