George Lakoff Nails it Again

George Lakoff hits the nail on the head. Again.

This was not just incompetence (though there was plenty of it), not just a natural disaster (though nature played its part), not just Bush (though he is accountable). This is a failure of moral and political philosophy — a deadly failure. That is the deep truth behind this human tragedy, humanly caused.


free as in textbooks

The guys who brought you the wikipedia, which in my opinion has recently reached a critical mass of actual usefulness, now turn their sights onto textbooks:

>The second thing that will be free is a complete curriculum (in all languages) from Kindergarten through the University level. There are several projects underway to make this a reality, including our own Wikibooks project, but of course this is a much bigger job than the encyclopedia, and it will take much longer.
In the long run, it will be very difficult for proprietary textbook publishers to compete with freely licensed alternatives. An open project with dozens of professors adapting and refining a textbook on a particular subject will be a very difficult thing for a proprietary publisher to compete with. The point is: there are a huge number of people who are qualified to write these books, and the tools are being created to leave them to do that.

…and this, I think, is quite seriously pretty wonderful. Textbooks are typically these hideously overpriced things, the prohibitive cost of which causes problems for both students and schools alike. A free and open alternative will be an incredible resource for the members of the proletariat all of society.


uncool is the new cool

Sounds just like what an uncool person would say; everyone mentioned in this story probably should be thrown into a volcano. I just hope I live long enough to see my many dreams of volcano-based cultural justice happen.

Also, I guarantee you won’t finish reading this — your brain will try to protect you, and as such, it will send a signal to your arm that will move your cursor to the “close” box well before the end.