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Man, I Love the Internet (part series-that-contains-itself of a series)

May 15th, 2009

Almost four years ago, I posted this Real, Actual Photo of Steve Perry. The real miracle that keeps on miracling is that people keep showing up to discover it for the first time, get in fights about what they think it is, and then lie low for another couple of months.

The picture was briefly on the front page for a Google search for “Steve Perry photo” but has since fallen deep into obscurity. Maybe you can help! Link to the article and picture in a blog post of your own. Write a whole post about it! Tell the world what you really think of the Real, Actual Photo of Steve Perry!

(Thanks to Misty for never stoppin’ believin’.)


May 6th, 2009

I would love to adopt that TEACUP YORKIES MALTESE PUPPIES whatever for sell! How about it, what!?

Looking forward to hearing back from you in timely fashion ideally yes,


Hello ,
Thanks for your interest in my puppy.I just relocated From Massachusetts to fort wayne,indiana. Love has the cute little babydoll face, short legs, nice thick coat and super friendly personality. Love has dew claws and tail done, vet checked, shots and dewormed. Love is available with AKC limited reg.I am giving Love out due to some certain conditions
beyond my control and i am only willing to give this puppy to someone i will be very sure will take care of my puppy.Pls answer the following questions….
Do you have a dog presently or have you ever had one?
Do you live alone or you have kids?
Do you have a fenced in yard?
Have you ever had any experience handling Maltese?

Do get back to me as soon as you can,i’ll evaluate so we can take it from there


!) I have never had a dog. I have seen pictures of dogs and I looked
up “DOG” in the wikipedia and it say they are friendly and happy so
count me in!!!1 I need a friend

2) I am currently under house arrest pending trial in the state of
massachusets but I have been assured by my home supervisor that a
Maltese would be a great addition and we would take extra precautions
to make sure it did not get eaten

3) AS you can imagein not only is the yard fenced, but I have a
tracking bracelet that keeps me around the home all of teh tiem. IS
the Maltese a large enough dog to possibly chew through such a
bracelet? LOL j/k

4) I do not have any experience with Dogs per say but I am a quick
studie. My family never had pets whiel growing up but I did watch a
lot of cartoons and I understand that dogs are better than mice and
cats. True?

Do you have any more pictured of the puppy so I can shoe my home
supervisor? Who do I make out the check to? Do I need to send you my social security number? It is 040-03-7737

Thank you!


Hello Jeff,
This would be the best puppy for you I call her Love,the shipping and handling will cost just $350 for the pup.If everything is fine by you and you are set to adopt my pup please go ahead and provide the details listed below:
Nearest Airport to you:
As soon as I get the requested info,the pup will be documented and processed for shipment to you.
And I want you to promise me that you will take good care of the puppy and also, I will like to know if you could send me a picture of the puppy while with you.
I will be expecting your email with the requested details so that I can instruct you on how to make payment to the shipping agent here in indiana.

Thanks and God bless.


I am sorrie I have not been in contact. I would like to know if the dog we discussed is still available? I have been getting the money together and I finally have the required amount. My family and friends are very excited to know if the dog is still available for adoption; we are all members of a group here in our area called “Les gens qui aiment manger des chiens,” and as you can imagine we can’t wait to get our hands on that dog! What a sweet, succulent little darling that dog looks like. We can’t decide if we should keep her outside or if it would result in a more tender dog to keep her inside. Is it appropriate to accompany dog with a red wine or a white wine, do you know? Long story short, I can’t wait to eat that dog. LOL

Let me know as soon as you can, and I will send out the check!


Yes the baby is still available.provide me with your address and Nearest Airport .


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May 6th, 2009

So a CEO, a web programmer and an SEO expert are on a desert island.

And the SEO expert says, “You guys, I’m so thirsty. Is there anything to drink?”

And the CEO says, “I just drank the last of my water 30 minutes ago.”

And the web programmer says, “I have plenty of water, a true abundance, but I won’t give any to you. Because, you are the worst. I hate you with every fiber of my being. Your very existence is an inherent refutation of the basic concept of quality workmanship and craft. Every additional second you remain on this planet is a deep, personal offense to me.”

Then the SEO expert died slowly and painfully of thirst, and over the next several days his body slumped, shriveled and shrank as his organs collapsed upon themselves with a hissing sound while the CEO and web programmer sat and stared. And the sun set, and rose, and set again.