Man, I Love the Internet (Part 3 in a series)

March 25th, 2009

AIG dude

So, a dude at AIG refuses to give back is $700,000 bonus and says that he’s going to give it all to “charity” (read: Heritage Foundation, Project for a New American Century, and the Republican Party).

Please note these perfectly preserved leavings of a specimen of Homo Perapluo Internetica:

I wish that all you execuative haters would get what you want. Maybe it would be a real lesson if all the top execuatives quit. This country would stop cold and they could buy up all your assets for a loaf of bread because you couldn’e even feed yourself without these 1% or less running things the rest of the country would fail quickly. Stop the class warefare and go do someting to improve you lot in life. If you’r not happy keep it to yourself. Right now we don’t need negative small minded people wipped into a frenzy by crooked lazy politicians. We need real leaders of industry to solve our problems!!!!

2 Responses to “Man, I Love the Internet (Part 3 in a series)”

  1. sohbet et says:

    Thanks, there is more reason to comment than ever before!

  2. Seth says:

    I love the eloquent irony in this execuative’s rebuttal.
    Obviously, he’s so right. In the mean time, if we can’t get the general public to accept his beliefs – which are of course morally superior and no more negative than simply necessary – at least we could swiphtly adoppt his splendid suggestions to improve US English spelling rules.

    Anyone still with that small-minded oldfuashioned spelling sjit just keep it to himself!