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I Ain’t Your B!$(#, M*)#%&! Buy Your Own Damn Fries.

February 17th, 2009


OK. Here‘s for you. And you, and you. From April Winchell, bless her little heart.

Our President swearing a blue streak.

Technically, he’s reading someone else’s swearing from his autobiography, but don’t worry, we can decontexualize it in 4 seconds flat. Perhaps the most shocking is hearing him say “ain’t”– I’d say that’s the word he seems most uncomfortable with. I can’t wait to hear this remixed into 1/3 of all new YouTube videos for the next 7 months. IT WILL NOT GET OLD.


February 16th, 2009

Evoloopr (iTMS link) is a new iPhone/iPod Touch app by ldopa’s own Jon Klein. It’s a generative music app that creates eight loops and allows the listener to ‘mate’ two of the loops to create eight new offspring loops. Also, it’s got a single muted electric guitar note by yours truly that people are already calling ‘perhaps the greatest single-note guitar sample ever,’ or at least I think that people will be saying that in the iTunes Music Store comments soon, wink, wink.

Anyhow, check it out. Just to sweeten the deal, Jon Klein informs me that if you buy the Evoloopr application, and if you then meet him in a bar and show him the application running on your phone or iPod Touch, he will reimburse your purchase price by buying you the chilled beverage of your choice*.

* Offer only good for one (1) copy of Evoloopr per customer. Void where prohibited. Offer not good in Tennessee because Jon Klein refuses to visit Tennessee.

Boxee web remote

February 14th, 2009

I got bored of waiting for the official Boxee iPhone remote, so I wrote my own. Enjoy!

Google Code project.

I couldn’t have figured this out without the excellent HTTP API documentation from the XBMC project and the source code for the keycodes as well.