µTorrent vs. Transmission: Which is faster?

November 28th, 2008

utorrent vs. transmission


I tested the current Mac clients of µTorrent versus Transmission using the .iso file for the latest version of Ubuntu. Both clients were fast, reaching the maximum of the 1.2 MB/sec connection, but while Transmission’s download speed varied wildly between 300k and the 1.2 MB/sec cap (and Activity Monitor bore the variance out), µTorrent hit the 1.2 MB/sec mark early and maintained it all thoroughout the transfer. A second test narrowed the gap, but the edge still went to µTorrent.

This has been my experience using uTorrent on Windows also; µTorrent has always been a faster client than any other GUI torrent client out there. Transmission might have the edge with the elegant, tiny UI and the lovely web interface, but if you want the data fast, use µTorrent.

But this was just my highly unscientific test. What’s been your experience?

8 Responses to “µTorrent vs. Transmission: Which is faster?”

  1. kerry says:

    just FYI, option-m makes µ.

  2. Jeff says:

    Woot! Fixed. Thankee, Kerry!

  3. Joshua says:


    I’m interested to repeat this experiment. I don’t find Transmission overwhelming.

  4. shikhanshu says:

    µTorrent is faster! kudos to Kerry and kudos to µTorrent… yey!

    just zapped transmission 1.41b3 for good… when it comes to torrents, speed is whats more important than the looks :D

    oh btw, option-{alphanumeric_key} is a really CoOL™ thing… :D…

  5. Puff65537 says:

    If you open the torrent info box on transmission while its running you’ll notice it has problems managing peers and keeps getting itself choked, which kills speed for 10-30 seconds per peer.

  6. Simon says:

    I have just booted u torrent on the Mac. I have used Transmission for ages and it’s looks and features are far more attractive HOWEVER…on my connection with ports closed I found Utorrent gas thrashed Transmission on speed….and is more consistent during the process.

    I have a 20MB connection and found I have last been getting decentspeeds more reflective of my capacity. UTORRENT it is.


  7. seks shop says:

    I’m interested to repeat this experiment. I don’t find Transmission overwhelming.

  8. MOKKEL says:

    Im just pitching in my experience here:

    I ran Transmission on a NAS and while it is a very slim package, Utorrent is running circles around Transmission speed-wise.

    For me it will be Utorrent run locally.