Incase only publishes positive reviews

November 9th, 2008

Dear Incase,

I know for a fact a couple months ago I reviewed this case on your site:

I reviewed the case fairly and accurately, and yet, you don’t have my review up there. Admittedly: My review was negative, because the case I purchased initally was made of stretchy, faulty rubber and distorted itself. It would slip off but in the meantime it allowed all this crunk to slip around back and stain and discolor my iPhone. Awesome!

Granted, the initially defective case was replaced (after complaint) free of charge, but now, the replacement has ripped at the top on the ‘tread seam’ near the headphone jack (as others’ have as well). So while I like the look of it — it looks like a mountain bike tire, in a good way — I haven’t been blown away by the quality of the case.

I’m a pretty loyal Incase customer — your MacBook Pro bag is quite nice — and I like the look and feel of this case enough that I visited your site with the intention of buying yet another case, faulty or not. But given that you nixed my previous review, I have to ask, why even bother having reviews at all? My advice is: If you’re not going to play fair and put up critical reviews, just take down that feature altogether. As it stands, it’s more than a little deceptive to only keep the positive reviews up.


5 Responses to “Incase only publishes positive reviews”

  1. käthe says:

    That’s why you gotta get a Felt Safe. (They’re rubberless.)

  2. Kristen says:

    Case-making jags.

  3. Dave says:

    i’ve been looking around, and i think i’m going with switcheasy…

  4. Caleb says:

    I have a SwitchEasy and it’s fuckin’ awesome.

    I wonder why Apple only sells shitty cases in store?

  5. kamm says:

    I go bareback