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Memo from the Editors Meeting of the N.Y. Post

October 9th, 2008

Edit staff,

This weekend’s editorial strategy planning and retreat session was tremendously productive. This year’s topic of focus was Election 2008; as you know, America is counting on us to have the punniest, most outrageous headlines of all national newspapers, so it’s in our best interest as an organization to really pull together and work this all out ahead of time.

Senior Editor Cathy Cembura suggests, and I agree, that if Obama takes an early electoral lead we should probably go with “Can You Smell What Barack is Cooking?” — someone please check with Dwayne Johnson’s people to make sure he’s not a Libertarian or something. On the other hand, if Obama takes an early hit it’s been suggested we go with “Baracknophobia!”. Maybe someone from the Art Dept. could Photoshop Barack and Michelle’s heads onto a big scary spider or something. Get back to me.

Inside the package, Dennis Kuptner from Marketing suggests that we need to capture more of the ‘Defamer snark culture’ audience, and to that end he suggests a sidebar factbox with bullet-points in the top story that references 80’s rap icons Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock:

* Obama came to town to get down
* He’s internationally known
* ALSO: Known to rock a microphone

On the flip side of this election, we’re thinking by far the most noteworthy aspect of John McCain’s candidacy is that he’s very, very old. Could someone talk with Murdoch’s people to see if we can get temporary rights to some clip art of Grandpa Simpson? If so, we should put that clip art next to every story we run. If McCain takes an early lead, we’re hoping to go with “America Depends on McCain” with a photo collage of McCain wearing a baby bonnet and holding a rattle — and if he takes an early hit we’ve decided to go with “Fallen, and He McCan’t Get Up” with a photo of McCain tumbling off the exit ramp of the Straight Talk Express. Again, Art. Dept. should start work on this A.S.A.P.

Very excited to be out in front of this! Also, huge layoffs to come, but we’ll discuss that further next week.