D-Link’s DNS-323 is D-awesome

August 10th, 2008

So the previous 500GB NAS I was using as a home media server was running out of space, so this week I replaced it with a DNS-323 outfitted with two 640GB SATA drives joined into a JBOD array of approximately 1.1TB. M’nhey.

Early review? Fantastic. Not only does it come standard with iTunes sharing via mt-daap, but it has a completely non-sucky, web-based BitTorrent client built into the box itself. Add USB printer sharing, SMB and FTP serving, along with a DynDNS client, and you’ve got a killer, low-cost, low-power consumption home NAS. It’s got GB ethernet standard, so it’s crazy fast — but I can imagine a next iteration of this box coming with 802.11n, and ideally some kind of ffmpeg engine paired with AV-out, thus becoming The One Box to Rule Them All.


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