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big in japan

July 12th, 2008


All phones make some sort of noise when a picture is taken and you cant disable it. Too many cases of up-skirt photos going on over here. Can you disable the noise of the camera in phones in your region?

…I love that there’s so much rampant, upskirt photography going on in Japan that phone manufacturers have decided to try and fix it by making their phones emit a loud sound when a picture is taken. This just goes to prove my theory that if you want to try to convince someone of something ludicrous, all you need to do is prefix or append the phrase “In Japan…” to your assertion. Example:

Not plausible: Diamond-encrusted lobsters are considered a great delicacy.

Plausible: Diamond-encrusted lobsters are considered a great delicacy… in Japan.

See? Works 60% of the time, every time.


Walmart is disclaiming their own brand

July 5th, 2008

So, written out, it looks like: Walmart*

So, clearly, it’s an asterisk — a disclaimer. They are disclaiming their own brand, and who can blame them?

* Walmart may create grievous negative impact upon local business and community. Employees of Walmart may be woefully underpaid and lack basic health care. In-store goods may consist of off-brand or no-brand junk lacking in any metric of quality, produced almost exclusively by child labor under grossly unlawful conditions overseas. Customers may not mind their rights and privacies being violated and personal belongings being searched upon exiting the store. Offer void where prohibited.