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I recently got paid to write a short batch processing AppleScript that processed video via QuickTime Pro. It was harder than I initially thought it would be — the syntax of AppleScript is in turns wildly lax and highly specific. So it was kind of a pain, but just so nobody else has to fumble through QuickTime’s AppleScript dictionary, I’ll give the code away for free. Just download and unzip the AppleScript.

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  1. Hi, I was thinking here, I know anything about Applescript, but I wish to ask you if we could change the line “set input_folder_name to “Input”” to something that ask me WHERE is my input folder? The same for the output. Or, could we change the line of the script whenever we need and depending of our needs?

    All the best and thanks for the gift!
    Sorry about my poor english…

  2. I found a freeware software (based on applescript too) on Version Tracker:

    But there is a problem with the script. It works fine, but shows an error message all of the time (I dont know what it means), and quicktime starts to ask for attention everytime it opens a new file listed on the batch. It seems to be a little problem to be solved in some of the next versions.

  3. Hi there, this script looks great – but it won’t work for me.
    Script editor has a whole load of problems??
    Can somebody confirm this should work or copy over a fully working version


  4. Hey Mike,

    WordPress was “smart quoting” the quotes so I’ve put up the original script for you to download. Hope that works!


  5. Hi there! do you think it could be possible to work with a ‘input’ folder located on a hard disk? I have no space on my computer to convert HD files…and it means to copy them back…


  6. Hi,

    this is fantastic – I’ve been looking high and low for something like (I can’t believe this isn’t built into QT). However, whilst the script works fine, I need to output movies to .mov format, not MPEG4. How do I change that in the script.

    Thanks again


  7. Hi There,
    script seems to work fine, but… I checked my settings in Quicktime, size ist 720×578. But the generated files are much smaller (300px).
    Any help?

    THANKS! Take care, Ralf

    1. Hi there,
      I need to batch convert Wave files into the Ogg files. What are the changes i need to do in the script. Any help will be appreciated.

  8. It keeps saying "This script requires a folder named Input located on the desktop." even though there is one… :(

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