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How much of this scathing indictment of the “Millennial Generation” is fair, and how much is just standard Gen X ranting/whining? I myself am quite weary of the lame-ass business features that insist that Facebook applications, Twitter updates and SMS messaging are going to be OMG 100% MANDATORY in order to survive in the post-Millennial business workplace.

What do you think? Is this article a fair shot, or a low blow?


3 thoughts on “cool wand”

  1. I think we are in this culture of wanting our hand slapped. Look at the prostitution antics of the politicians in New York or the dumbfounded actions of the Administration or the celebration of the antics of Hollywood celebrities.

    All of these suggest a longing for some celestial parent to come down and smack some sense into these people. Everybody wants to be caught being naughty.

    I guess the alternative would be worse: What if the fellow in the green fairy costume wasn’t caught? What other things would he be liable to get away with?

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