pimping remember the milk

January 23rd, 2008

remember the milk

I’d like to take a quick moment to pimp Remember The Milk. It’s a to-do list manager that I find to be awesome. It uses Google Gears to integrate into the sidebar of a Gmail window, which is great for me, since I always have my work Gmail open. The language processing for adding new events is good too. You can type “write grandma tomorrow”
into the box, and it will make a new task to write grandma, due tomorrow. There is an email interface as well, but I haven’t had as much luck sending quick notes to it in a format it parses well. And if you pony up $25, there is a very nice iPhone version too, which would pretty much obviate the need for the email interface in most instances.

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  1. Your post just made my day – so glad I got to read it,