it sickens me to look at rudy giuliani

January 6th, 2008

This guy is the worst. His special brand of jingoistic, fear-based pandering will earn him a special place in hell. If he could get out a single goddamn sentence without invoking 9/11, I would up and faint with shock. He’s outright repugnant, and I’d actually rather we elect, oh, why not a donkey wearing a diaper than give this horrible crust of a man any more attention than he’s already been given.

In closing, if Rudy Giuliani loves 9/11 so much, why doesn’t he marry 9/11. Then he could cheat on it.


2 Responses to “it sickens me to look at rudy giuliani”

  1. Jimmy says:

    So, you intentionally misspelled his name out of spite? Nice touch. As was the selection of the photo, as I don’t think you could have found one with a higher concentration of uncomfortable mincing and hand-wringing. In the unlikely event that you messed up for real, I always remember Giuliani like this:
    G uy-I n- U nderpants- L ives- I n- A- N ineeleven- I gnis fatuus.

    Anyway, maybe he should be forced to marry 9/11. And yes, perhaps he would indeed cheat on it, probably with a date of a lesser degree of infamy in United States history, like 12/07/1941 or that fuckin slut, 04/19/1995 from Oklahoma City. Those bitches would go down way easier than fuckin frosty 9/11. She thinks she’s all that. But because of Rudy’s soft stance on abortion rights, we could all be saved in the event that his vile seed found purchase in the belly of one of these whores. You gotta figure that the spawn of Rudy Giuliani and any one of the aforementioned strumpets- were it allowed to live to term- would most certainly be the date of our complete and total demise.