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lots of nice iphone icons

January 25th, 2008


Lots of nice iPhone icons presented in a incredibly simple to use way. Tap the icon and add the resulting page to your homescreen, and it will generate a link to the page it refers to.

pimping remember the milk

January 23rd, 2008

remember the milk

I’d like to take a quick moment to pimp Remember The Milk. It’s a to-do list manager that I find to be awesome. It uses Google Gears to integrate into the sidebar of a Gmail window, which is great for me, since I always have my work Gmail open. The language processing for adding new events is good too. You can type “write grandma tomorrow”
into the box, and it will make a new task to write grandma, due tomorrow. There is an email interface as well, but I haven’t had as much luck sending quick notes to it in a format it parses well. And if you pony up $25, there is a very nice iPhone version too, which would pretty much obviate the need for the email interface in most instances.

how do you secure your laptop?

January 14th, 2008


Macworld is coming and I always worry about losing my laptop, either by being thoughtless, or by turning my back. With that in mind, I do four things to secure it:

1. I require a password to unlock it from sleep or on startup.

2. I set up a guest account (not the Leopard one) with no password and limited access to software.

3. I installed IPMenu from Loopware to alert me via email whenever the computer’s IP changes. That way, I’ll be notified of the new IP whenever the laptop goes online again.

4. I installed Flickrbooth, so that any pictures a possible thief takes with Photobooth will automatically be uploaded to my Flickr account.

None of these keep me from losing my laptop, but they might help me get it back.

On the network security front, I lock down the firewall, and only access private sites via ssh. And I occasionally crack open dsniff to see if everyone is being so careful.

npr’s slick mobile implementation

January 8th, 2008 is a well put together little site. You can read the text of stories as you can on the main site, and you can listen to them as well. But rather than mess around with figuring out which mobile phone supports what plug-ins and downloading a big media file over cellular, they invoke a little known protocol called “wtai”, prompting your device to place a phone call which then plays the story to you. The downside is that it costs you minutes, and these days, data plans tend to be unlimited while calling plans aren’t. Also, it leaves iPod touch users and the five people who bought those Nokia n-series tablets out in the cold.

it sickens me to look at rudy giuliani

January 6th, 2008

This guy is the worst. His special brand of jingoistic, fear-based pandering will earn him a special place in hell. If he could get out a single goddamn sentence without invoking 9/11, I would up and faint with shock. He’s outright repugnant, and I’d actually rather we elect, oh, why not a donkey wearing a diaper than give this horrible crust of a man any more attention than he’s already been given.

In closing, if Rudy Giuliani loves 9/11 so much, why doesn’t he marry 9/11. Then he could cheat on it.


romney strapped a dog to his car roof

January 6th, 2008

No, but seriously, Mitt Romney once strapped his poor dog to the fucking roof of his car, and drove for 12 hours, and the dog was so terribly, gut-wrenchingly afraid that it pooped itself the whole time, and Mitt Romney thought that was a super-duper, a-ok thing to do.

I wouldn’t put a guy like that in charge of a car wash drive-thru, never mind an ideologically divided country teetering on the edge of complete social collapse. Why are we even pretending this douche is a viable candidate?


fuck ron paul

January 6th, 2008

As Fake Steve points out, Ron Paul is a pretty decent candidate, except for his freakin’ crazy nut-job radical pro-life anti-abortion stance, or as FSJ says so eloquently, “you gotta lets the ladies control their lady parts.” Seriously, this is a show-stopper, a deal-breaker, game over right there, and I don’t understand for the life of me how Ron Paul’s incredibly vocal supposedly progressive core constituency of 23-year-old male Internet addicts can overlook this honkingly awful and horribly antiquated area of his platform.

Seriously, it’s 2008 — even the most hard core pro-life zealot would have to agree that this country already had this conversation, and there are other important conversations we desperately need to have. Let’s move on to the more pressing matters at hand.


have a very huckabee xmas

January 4th, 2008

Man, this guy sucks — only slightly less than Mitt or Rudy.



syslogd bug

January 1st, 2008

I just did a clean install of Leopard after a hard drive replacement on my trusty ol’ 2003 PowerBook G4 — runs like a champ, actually — and I’ve been seeing these strange CPU spikes. From what I can tell, it’s a bug in syslogd, the logging daemon in 10.5. Until it’s fixed in the upcoming Mac OS X 10.5.2 (hope hope), you can do this:

sudo launchctl stop

…to stop syslogd from spiking your CPU.