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ask l-dopa: how do i fix my tiger server?

September 10th, 2007

Our Tiger server here was acting as the primary mail exchanger for our domain. To my knowledge, it was set up with that in mind from the get go. I’ve since moved mail service away from this server, and put it with hosted Google services.

The problem is that we still occasionally need to use it as an SMTP server, but it isn’t properly relaying mail to accounts in our domain. Instead of sending them to the proper mail exchanger (google’s), it is holding them in its own mail queue, which never goes anywhere.

How do I tell it that it is no longer the mail server for our domain? I turned off POP and IMAP service, but it keeps on coming in and never leaving.


Well, Tucker, it’s important to consider what the server’s done for you in the past. Take it out for coffee and tell it that you’re still friends — it can still serve web sites, it can still come over and play video games. Seriously! You want to stay friends! You mean it! But it can’t keep being the mail server. It just can’t. Things have changed and there are… other priorities now. But you can still totally be friends! See it tomorrow? Yeah? Is it cool? You’re cool. Great. Hug it.

cinque growl style

September 9th, 2007

As I was installing Growl 1.1, I was thinking to myself, “I really don’t love any of the included Growl notification styles.” So I made my own, based around the “Above the Night” style by the excellent folks at

Download it here.


zune press release

September 7th, 2007


Sept. 7th, 2007 —
Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) of Redmond, California is proud to announce a strategic partnership between the “Zune” line of portable media players and the popular seafood chain Long John Silver’s in a initiative both companies are calling “Wireless Shrimps.” Owners of a Microsoft Zune or “Zune”-branded product will be able to enjoy added abilities when they bring their Microsoft “Zune” to any Long John Silver’s Seafood Restaurant:

  1. When a “Zune” portable media player is taken to a Long John Silver’s Seafood Restaurant, a new “Glossy Fishstick” icon will appear on the main screen of the “Zune” portable media player.
  2. Users that press the “Fishstick” icon will have the ability to order the $6.99 Beer-Buttered Shrimp Bites Platter or the $13.99 Flounderoni Pizza Plate directly to their table without standing in line.

    NOTE: Occasionally activation of the “Fishstick” icon will cause a hard reboot and corruption of the “Zune” portable media player operating system. If this occurs, please consult Technote #34222AG in order to reinstall your “Zune” portable media player software using the software provided to you at time of purchase.

    ALSO NOTE: Users that do not reinstall the “Zune” portable media player software during the activation window time of 3-4 hours may experience the loss of all purchased music, video, and beer-buttered seafood. If this occurs, please call the Activation Window Manager/Battered Seafood support hotline at 1-800-442-9830 extension 4877. Please have your “Zune” portable media player Authenticity Certificate and/or register receipt readily available at time of call, as you will need to read the 48-digit Beer-Buttered Seafood Confirmation Code to the support hotline automated caller forwarding system.

  3. After the Beer-Buttered Shrimp Bites Platter or Flounderoni Pizza Plate has been ordered to the table, “Zune” owners may then enjoy downloaded and looped 27-second samples of the music of John Secada, or optionally, Norah Jones.

    NOTE: Due to the digital rights enabling technologies of the “Zune”, only one patron per store may enjoy the song samples at any one time. All other patrons must wait until their turn to sample.

    ALSO NOTE: During the time of this promotion, there will be no other music permitted in the Long John Silver’s Seafood Restaurant.

  4. LIMITATIONS: The “Wireless Shrimps” promotion is not available to drive-thru customers, patrons under 18 or over 60, or any single person with pre-existing heart or pulmonary conditions. Void where prohibited, or limited by local law — sorry, Tennesee.