ask ldopa: belts

July 15th, 2007

Dear ldopa,

How the hell do you organize belts? I have a bunch of them in my closet that leap out like deadly cobras when I open up the closet door.


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  1. concordokken says:

    Since someoneaskedabout how to best organise them motherfrakking snakes. I roll each belt up and close the loop with with the end of whichever side of the belt is the loose end. — I prefer to roll the belt together by starting with the buckle facing inwards and going

  2. Evan says:

    The best way I’ve found to organize belts over the years is with a tie hanger. Now the one linked there is nothing like the one I have. You can pretty much find them at any organization store or even Target. I prefer the less bulky ones.

  3. ben says:

    own less belts. you only need two.

  4. cauley says:

    Wear them around your legs at all times. Problem solved!

  5. Carrie says:

    Those bikini women that come with the belts are for holding them for you. Or alternatively you drape the belts over the trophy that came with them. Whichever.

  6. Voice 0'Reason says:

    When I was your age, I had to share a single belt with my entire family! You damn kids today with your closets full of belts, your Fruit-Stripe-Zebra-piss soda and your dime-bag-hiding sneakers! Someone oughta take a belt to ya!

    Hey, waitaminnit…

  7. cauley says:

    Connect the belts end to end. Roll them all up on a hose roller, dispense as needed.


    Study the Dark Arts. Turn the belts into snakes, saving your favorite belt for last. Upon the last, favorite belt, lay a charm making it a larger, more ferocious snake; it will devour the others. Invest in a large terrarium, many rodents.

    NOTE: Remember to learn the snake-to-belt charm first!

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