certainty is an indication of contempt for the truth

July 11th, 2007

It’s just barely possible that you think that the administration of Bush the Younger got the short stick, that they’re just sticking up for unpopular views. But there has to be a point when you say, “No, they’re actively lying.” If you’re still under the impression that the Bush administration has the interests of the American people at heart, then I’d really like to sit you down and say, “Look, I understand. You want to believe that someone we very nearly elected could be this bad. You want to believe that there are two sides to this issue. You want to give the benefit of the doubt to someone who is in a very difficult position of leadership in a time of anexiety. But he’s a horrible man who’s done worse things to this country than Nixon, who admitted to cheating at democracy. He’s led us to war with a specious argument designed to conflate our fear of an enemy with someone who isn’t a credible threat so that he and a couple dozen friends of his can steal from the American people. He actively hates us. He wants us to fuel his slavering greed and uses the language of God to rally bigots and confuse those who peacefully follow the religion he claims to represent. If we won’t die for him, he wants us to die as an example to others.”

Pretty hyperbolic, right? Well, it turns out, the Bush administration has not only suppressed information that will stop future Katrinas, but also information that will save the lives of all those but the very rich, who have other options. The Bush regime wants us to die in pestilence and filth because it means that they’ll be able to sell us bug spray and toilet paper. I say this because the administration in its corrupt, baby-murdering wisdom has consistently suppressed so much as discussion of embryonic stem cell research while denying the clear facts that abstinence sex education is completely ineffective.

Naturally, the administration’s response to the frustrated rage of the country’s most senior doctor is to accuse him of political ineffectiveness:

White House spokesman Tony Fratto rejected Dr Carmona’s criticism, and said he was given authority to be the leading voice for the health of all Americans. “It’s disappointing to us if he failed to use his position to the fullest extent in advocating for policies he thought were in the best interests of the nation,” Mr Fratto said.

They may be the worst government this country has ever had. They’re feudalist Industrialists whose interests are in short-term profit fueled by the blood of Americans. America is, to them, a resource to be used up while they move on to other countries in their supernational corporate men-of-war. Take back your country. Vote your conscience. Make it so that electoral cheating isn’t enough. Send Cheney and Bush the jail. Let the world see that we can be a good neighbor again. Let’s apologize for voting enough votes that these horrible sociopaths could cheat the rest of the way into office. Let’s regain the strength of alliances other than those coerced. Let’s drop the Imperialist notions that cost us so much and foment hate among those who would be tense partners at worst.

5 Responses to “certainty is an indication of contempt for the truth”

  1. Jeff says:

    I hate Bush and Cheney more than anyone, but how exactly are they controlling the weather? Also, I think you have a typo: where you say “may be the worst government this country has ever had,” I think that’s spelled “without a fucking doubt the worst government this country has ever had.”

    If I sound glib, it’s only because my generation and the generation before have proved to be impotent, Daily Show-cheering, hand-wringing retards bent on conspicuous consumerism and stress-overeating. It turns out putting “Impeach Bush Now” in your Twitter status doesn’t change anything, and so you won’t see a real call to impeach out of anyone, not really, and the current gov’t knows that.

  2. Chris says:

    where’s neo?

  3. Jason says:

    Actually I think President Bush has done a great job with foreign policy and a pretty good job domestically. It’s too bad you feel that expressing your dislike of him with invectives instead of reasoning, which seems to be the standard among those with Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS).

  4. Joshua says:

    How is it possible that Bush could have fucked our foreign policy any further? We find ourselves without friends in the world, fighting the wrong enemy for contrived reasons. In the meantime, we’re bracing ourselves for another hurricane without a functioning FEMA, our sitting government is the most corrupt since the Nixon era, and our jobs are leaving our country because of extranational corporations like Worldcom and Enron, both closely tied to our dear, nearly elected President.

    Jason, I’m sorry that you feel this way about our hopeless President, but his promises have been lies and his actions evil. I understand if you supported him at one point — what he said sounded good, and you took him at his word. But he’s a liar, a thief, and a traitor to all moral Americans.

  5. Dan says:

    look our country has had one party since about 1914 called “gold&oil=power
    its hard for some of you to grasp considering you’ve
    grown up with the idea that the people of this country serve goverment the goverment was made to serve the people.
    and they have fallen short far to many times but does anything change KNOW!! we are no longer a country we are a empire
    trying to take over the world no other country on earth has bombed
    as many places as we have

    we are just another rome waiting to burn
    people like bush just remind me of the pointlessness of voting
    if you really think your vote counts your just another brain washed
    monkey and you should enlist in the army because thats what our goverment wants. you to protect there money there lives there families
    they could careless if your child gets his or her head blown off
    as long as they don’t have to get blood on there hands. i love the usa but hate what D.C has made us into