June 30th, 2007

The usability snob in me hates things like MooTools, a JavaScript class that makes the elements of your page zoom around, change color, and fade in and out. The gee-whiz-that’s-cool part of me really, really loves it. Like, check out that sliding top menu on the MooTools page — that’s slick. Not usable, but slick.

A note about downloading and using MooTools — the download page allows you to create a custom build of MooTools that contains only the classes you need to use. This is to keep everything as lightweight as possible, and it’s a totally slick implementation that makes sure if you want to use “Fx.Slide” you’ll have the requisite “Fx.Base” too. I personally found it initially confusing, though, as it’s hard to figure out what you’re going to use when you first start playing around; my advice (for what it’s worth) is if you’re just starting out, make yourself a big ol’ build that contains everything, and if you actually wind up deploying anything that uses MooTools, cut MooTools down to just what classes you wind up using and optimize the JavaScript library at that point.


One Response to “mootools”

  1. John says:

    I love MooTools. But anyone who thinks you don’t have to know Javascript to use a framework like this is mistaken.

    Good advice to start with the full package and slim it down when you get everything to work.

    Nice effects that don’t break usability make a lot of difference. I have used just a dash of MooTools at