sneaker freaker

Personally? I’ve always preferred “Display“.

I can remember when I was a kid I didn’t have the nearly right kind of sneakers at all for my fellow students’ liking — my Mom insisted we go to this store called “The Bootery” in Vernon, CT which only carried one kind of sneaker, “Kangaroos” — which were kind of cool on one level, thanks to the hidden pocket that you could stash about a dime-bags worth of seekrit! junk in, but on another level, the level that middle-school kids operated on? — “Kangaroos” were not cool in the least. Anyway.


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  1. loopback: the lacing technique for the 31337.

    My mom always bought grocery-store shoes and they were the shittiest… no dime-bag stash, either. I couldn’t get her to understand that paying four times as much for shoes that would last me ten times longer was worthwhile.

  2. Trash bags! We would’ve been thrilled with trash bags! We had only used popcorn boxes to slide onto our feet– and we were happy to share them.

  3. Oh, would that we had our own fingers! Our dear old mum used to do all our hand business for us. Never a complaint!

  4. Luxury! We had to lop our feet off and leave them at home so they wouldn’t get dirty, then walk around on bare leg-stumps!

  5. … and while I’m at it… If we wanted to stash dime bags, we had to staple them to our leg-stumps!

  6. Yeah, in our family, the dime bags were held on by moistening them with the sweat of our brows and leaving them stuck to our foreheads. It’s the best we could do since our hands were worn out from being walked on and we had to rent out our feet to afford rent on the elephant rectum we lived in.

  7. You do realize that given the size of your monstrous unibrow, you probably have collected more brow sweat than the world has desalinated water? Elephant rectum sure is cozy though. Keeps the family all together.

  8. Poor Jeff. Josh you used the word “rectum”!!– are you trying to give him a coronary?
    I personally never owned a pair of “Roo’s” as they were affectionately called. I liked them, but I don’t remember how old I was. Most people are still a little taken aback to even see sneakers on my feet- but I distinctly remember loving my Zip’s.

  9. :: Personally? I’ve always preferred “Display“.

    That’s not how they phrased it in the police report..

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