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the fainting goat

April 5th, 2007

fainting goat

Back when I was in college, there was a “certain kind” of video all the guys in my apartment used to watch. I think you probably know the kind of video I’m talking about: fainting goat videos. This specifically is the QuickTime movie that used to send us all into helpless paroxysms of glee. OK, it still does.

However, in my search for the original fainting goat movie, I have come across this video, which examines the fainting goat phenomenon quite comprehensively and I suspect will be known to future generations as the ‘Citizen Kane’ of fainting goat movies.

Enjoy — and keep in mind, while no goats were harmed in the making of these films, mind your umbrellas all the same.


best. scroll wheel. ever

April 4th, 2007

I think I can say without fear of hyperbole that the Logitech MX Revolution cordless mouse has the best scroll wheel ever. Seriously, I checked it out in a store about a week ago, and while I was put off by the $100 retail price tag, I was taken enough by the incredibly cool scroll wheel that I realized that at some point I’d drop some dough on one, for the scroll wheel alone.

And: $50 later/lighter, I’m glad I did. It looks like a remarkably ugly Klingon weapon — encrusted with 5 buttons and a thumb toggle, with battery indicators and lasers and shit — but make no mistake, what you’re really paying for here is the scroll wheel. You’re paying $50-100 for a scroll wheel. And if you’re anything like me, and I pray to God you’re not, you’re happy to do so; the scroll wheel has heft, weight to it, and thus suddenly your scrolling inherits smooth physics and momentum. You’ll find yourself scrolling pages for no good reason at all (enable Firefox’s “Smooth Scrolling” preference for even, um, smoother scrolling). It’s a wonderful design, and I highly recommend it.


google desktop for mac

April 4th, 2007


OK, so Google Desktop for Mac OS X is not quite as full-featured as the (awesome) Windows version, but it’s got 66% of the functionality — awesome search — so it’s a start. And it’s well designed, looks nice, works well, and comes with the Mac version of Google Updater. I’m not sure it’ll replace Quicksilver altogether, but I’m willing to give it a shot — and it’s not like we need yet another kind of widgets on Mac OS X.

Overall: it’s nice to see Google so committed to Mac OS X. I can still feel the shame from the Mac OS 9 days, when Mac users were lucky to get any software at all, so every time I see something come out for PC and Mac OS X, I continue to get a little thrill. Anyway, thanks again, Google.



April 3rd, 2007


An incredible anti-gambling deck of cards made for a campaign in Singapore. The detail and thought are fantastic.


April 3rd, 2007

Somehow, if you combine Alanis Morissette and The Black Eyed Peas you get awesome.