xbox 360: now even fucking louder

April 30th, 2007

So the XBox 360 Elite is out, with a 120 GB drive and an HDMI connector. Did they take the time to fix the biggest issue, the INCREDIBLY LOUD DVD DRIVE? From the comments:

The DVD drive is still the same volume but the fans are a little louder.

Louder? Holy God! It’s already disconcertingly loud. I can hear if my 360 is on or off even in other parts of the house.

What the fuck, Microsoft; sometimes, I think you want to fail. This just goes to show you — Apple would never suggest that you put a loud, angry buzzing box in your entertainment center. Instead they give you a diminutive playback box with no DVD drive and no composite out, which admittedly solves the problem, but in a different way — a way that keeps me from buying it in the first place.


p.s. xbmc 4-eva

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