planet earth

April 22nd, 2007


Now, I’ve gotten by pretty well without an HD TV. The issue really is that when i do buy one, it’ll be rather large. And require upgrading my main stereo receiver. And Tivo. And likely my speakers. So the whole thing quickly spirals out of control, and as a result, i stay pretty happy with what I’ve got.

But Planet Earth on Discovery has really, really made me think i should start pricing TVs. Lord, it’s pretty.

7 Responses to “planet earth”

  1. peter royal says:

    absolutely. my wife and i have been saying the same thing. but its the same problems.. new tv, new receiver, and a series 3 tivo? i don’t know what else can replace my directivo. if only comcast gets its shit together and releases the tivo UI on their dvr’s.. then its a trivial path to hdtv + dual tuner love!

  2. Jeff says:

    Jesse — that’s really funny, I too was saying just the exact same thing yesterday. “This show seems like it was explicitly designed to sell HDTVs,” I said.

    Still rockin’ our Sony 20″, however; I just can’t get past the expense and the size — I don’t want some monolithic, impossible-to-ignore video altar in the middle of our living area.


  3. Fizzle says:

    “I don’t want some monolithic, impossible-to-ignore video altar in the middle of our living area.”

    HD projector = invisible

  4. Jeff says:

    Projector + daylight = impossible to see

  5. Jesse says:

    I see the appeal of projectors, but there are a few problems. Jeff points out the light issue, which you can get around by spending over a grand on the projector, and buying better window treatments.

    However, the colors will never be as good as they are on a TV, you don’t overcome the upgrade issues i mentioned above, and although a projector would be great in a dedicated movie room, this is the shared living room – full of art and couches and other things that appear in living rooms. There certainly isn’t a good spot to hang a screen, and even worse for mounting the projector.

    I think a tv is much more conducive to the living room environment.

  6. Fizzle says:

    Who watches TV during the day?
    Go outside, people!

  7. Jesse says:

    but reality is so much more compelling on TV!