controversial films

April 15th, 2007

Tim Dirks has written an excellent article on the most controversial films ever filmed. The list starts off slow (“Aladdin”?) but that’s only because it’s in alphabetical order. See how many of these films you’ve watched; I think I’ve only caught about 25% of them.

NOTE: this article spawns annoying pop-under ads.


2 Responses to “controversial films”

  1. tucker g perry says:

    Let me take this opportunity to recommend against ever watching Cannibal Holocaust. Controversial? Perhaps. Totally unnecessary? Definitely.

  2. Carrie says:

    Yeah I could do without the majority of the movies on the list. Or even seeing the vast majority of the photos on that website. Or even reading the descriptions. Not that they should be banned. I won’t be watching them, though. Controversial because it is misogynistic and violent? No thanks, that’s not for me.

    I did enjoy “I am Curious, Yellow,” though they panned it.