vonage savings

February 4th, 2007

From the informative pop-under ad here, we learn:

  • CLAIM: We could save “50% or more” by using Vonage.
  • ALSO: We could save “up to 50%” by using Vonage.
  • NOTE: 0% is less than 50%.
  • THEREFORE: We could literally save any amount whatsoever, or nothing at all, by using Vonage.
  • BUT: Even this non-claim of maybe-savings is mitigated by fine print at the bottom.

…the active disdain phone companies have for their customers is palpable and it shines through every single thing they do.


2 Responses to “vonage savings”

  1. Jim R. says:

    I think there’s a million-selling managerial tome in that… “The POWER of Positive Ambiguity.”

  2. isaacb2 says:

    Wow — found you cuz of your “Cory Doctorow Visits Radio Shack,” and love you because of the Vonage savings piece. Rock on!