customer choice

January 21st, 2007

ohboyohboyohboy! — thanks to the RSS feed at, I’ve discovered that has the Nintendo Wii in stock — but in a move reminiscent of the Bush Adminsitration’s naming conventions, Walmart will only sell you the “Wii Customer Choice Bundle” for $600; the “choice” being described here are the seven games you’ll be required to “choose” to buy at the same time.

It’s the best kind of fun: mandatory fun!


3 Responses to “customer choice”

  1. cauley says:

    Why do you hate America, choice-Nazi?

  2. Carrie says:

    Wow. Choice-Nazi, that’s the best phrase evar.

  3. Jeff says:

    If in 2009 you haven’t chosen to buy or not buy a Wii, there’s nothing I can do to convince or dissuade you. ‘Super Mario Galaxy’ is a fantastic, fantastic game and I bet you’d like it.

    but: Pikmin 3! WHEN?