rotten apple

January 11th, 2007

rotten apple

It seems that Apple hasn’t been entirely forthcoming with security holes. Supposedly, companies were reporting to Apple, who was then ignoring the warning.

In this blogger’s world, if you don’t announce your weaknesses, someone will do it for you. Supposedly, this crew has already pressured MS into having frequent and regularly scheduled security updates.

2 Responses to “rotten apple”

  1. Jeff says:

    Apple is doing a terrific job with security. These guys are full of it.

    1). How is a vulnerability in VLC Apple’s fault? Wouldn’t that be VideoLAN’s problem?

    2). How is a vulnerability in OmniWeb Apple’s fault? Wouldn’t that be Omni’s issue?

    3). How is a vulnerabilty in APE — which, depending on who you listen to, may be all by itself inherently a stability issue — Apple’s fault? Should they disallow the use of that software on their user’s machines?

    4). How is a vulnerability in the PDF spec Apple’s fault? Would it be better if Apple broke compatibility with the PDF standard?

    Explain. Use both sides of the browser if necessary.


  2. Jeff says:

    I dunno, what about them? Nothing’s perfect. Apple patches holes every month with a monthly security update and has been doing so like clockwork for over a year.

    My point is that out of their list of eight “Apple security holes”, only four actually fall under the purview of anything related to Apple. and calling them “Apple’s security holes” is fraudulent.