January 11th, 2007


I tend to keep a stack of about 5 passwords in rotation. Some are better than others, but I remember all of them. I use the shorter ones for low-security systems, and the stronger ones for more important things. Unfortunately, it means I tend to use the same password for lots of important systems, which means if my password is lost one place, I could be really screwed. The challenge is coming up with strong but memorable (usually phonetic or at least rhythmic in some way) that I can keep track of. There are all kinds of password generators out there, some of which will try to create memorable strings. Apple’s own password generator, accessible inside the Accounts pref pane is pretty good.

Using keychain applications doesn’t really help a great deal. I can store all of my vital passwords in one place, using one password to secure them. Of course, if someone gets into that… The trick seems to be finding a methodology that is both convenient and safe. Google creating a good password, and you get some good hits.

This article at Wired is what got me thinking about it. It has an interesting explanation of the vectors common password crackers use.

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