JB + Po -> Au

December 26th, 2006


Has anyone else been following the Litvinenko story with as great interest as I have?

And did those same individuals enjoy Casino Royale as much as I did?

It seems that Daniel Craig, who played James Bond in the recent incarnation of Casino Royale (the highest grossing Bond film yet) and a Vatican assassin in Elizabeth, is on the list for playing Alexander Litvinenko in a movie based on the assassinated spy’s book, Blowing Up Russia.

I’m looking forward to that one, yes I am.

5 Responses to “JB + Po -> Au”

  1. Jeff says:

    I really liked “Casino Royale”. I never thought I’d be strongly encouraging people to see a James Bond movie, but it was solid fun all the way through. The parkour (sp.?) chase at the beginning was ludicrous. And awesome.

  2. Joshua says:

    It’s far and away my favorite Bond movie at this point. I don’t think I’d dig it if I were 8, but I’ve grown up since Moonraker.

  3. cauley says:

    “… I’ve grown up since Moonraker.”

    The hell you have.

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