ho ho hodgman

December 21st, 2006

As payback for taking a mild yearlong beating as “the PC” in Apple’s television ads, Apple has worked some sort of backroom publishing deal where they give away sell at a profit John Hodgman’s Book The Areas of My Expertise free via iTunes. I have no idea on what kind of backroom deal it was — for that kind of insight, you’d have to ask a former professional literary agent. Also no news yet if Apple will reward Justin Long with a downloadable season pass for the first two seasons showcasing his exemplary work on “Ed“.

I’ve read the book a while ago, but I listened to the first two hours last night during driving around for a whirlwind Christmas shopping extravaganza. Hodgman performs his work admirably and amiably; the book gains from Hodgman’s personable yet slightly aloof delivery. And it’s free, so seriously, grab it. More unwanted advice: if you’re looking for last minute gift suggestions, I got my dad a Black & Decker Electromate 400, my mom a Brita filter & replacement filters, and my brother a Philips DVD648 DVD/DivX player.

UPDATE: Matthias writes and we are powerless but to take note and obey: the audiobook is no longer a freebie. C’mon, Apple, Kwanzaa is still going strong!


3 Responses to “ho ho hodgman”

  1. Molly says:

    Did someone say Justin Long? Justin, Justin, Justin. Can I get a Justin Long notifier on my toolbar? A Justin Long widget perhaps? A Justin Long tribute band? yea 2007. boo 2006.

  2. matthias says:

    Your link to the free Hodgman download doesn’t work anymore, perhaps because, sadly, it is no longer free, apparently.

    That’ll teach me to let so many days go by without reading ldopa.

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