wii love it

December 13th, 2006


Oh man, is it possible that I’m the first ldopan to play with the Wii?

(Ed. — it looks that way. Dammit! ~jeff)


It is awesome.

It’s really easy to learn to play and fun right away. The Wiimotes (or Wiinises, as my host preferred to call them) are comfortable to use, and seems like they would be comfortable for most-sized hands to feverishly grip for 10+ hours. The speaker in each Wiinis is utilized well. Because the speaker is in each controller, you get individualized feedback for when it’s your turn and if you’ve achieved the proper motion for the game you’re playing. The sound from the Wiinis also integrates well with the more-backgroundy sound from the TV, making your sound experience subtle and useful at the same time.

To start, you create a Mii (I know, painfully cute) with enough control over the look and size of the cartoonish features that you can make a really specific and personal guy. Apparently these Miis can mingle over some kind of internets people keep telling me about.

It comes with Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Bowling, and Boxing, with three additional training supplements for each. I didn’t try any Boxing or the non-training Golf game since apparently they’re more complicated and difficult, but I was able to recreate my suckage in sports with incredible accuracy with the others. Yet it was still incredibly fun. It was so intuitive and came out with results that seemed pretty reasonably realistic (while remaining cute and cartoonish) to the point where I was actually wondering to myself if I could use it to train and avoid the embarrassing mistakes I make in baseball in private, enough to join a real team. Then I remembered being good at these sports entails actual muscles when you’re not playing on the Wii.

The action is smooth and the controller is responsive. The buttons are pretty simple, though a first-time user might not realize that while A is the big button on top, B is a trigger underneath. There are helpful (i.e., soon-to-become-annoying) diagrams it shows you on screen when you’ve mixed something up. The Wiinises have both infrared and internal proprioception, so it is generally faithful to your motion with few errors.

The paper lamp in my friend’s living room has sadly suffered some of the collateral damage we’ve all been hearing about, so enjoy the totally new gaming experience (TM) with care.

poor lamp

3 Responses to “wii love it”

  1. cauley says:

    Our soon-to-be baby needs this system. I consider it as important as a high-contrast mobile.

    I’m just putting that out there, family members.

  2. Jesse says:

    I’ve been able to log a few hours playing on a Wii at work (our very talented graphics department got one.) I’ve sustained one Wii-njury, when a coworker, while losing a game of tennis, smacked his Wiimote into me. I still won.

    Excite truck kicks ass. Steering, which is done by holding the controller sideways and turning it like a steering wheel, successfully taps into all of the movement you inherently made when playing anyway.

    It’s pretty amazing, but the marketing seems to be true: the physical nature of the play makes the whole system more social, more interactive, and more fun for casual games. A game of tennis only takes a few minutes, and take no training at all. (Except for getting the turbo serve. But that’s my ace in the hole.) – Jesse

  3. Joshua says:

    Excite Truck looks like a whole lot of fun. I loves me some racing games (though you’d be hard-pressed to make a better one than Burnout 3) and deformable terrain sound like a good feature.

    I’m waiting for the price of the system to go down to $100 as fast as I can!