suggested iphone ad campaign

December 3rd, 2006

Get out your checkbook, douchebag.

(iphone photoshop by Isamu Sanada, ad copy by Jon Klein)


One Response to “suggested iphone ad campaign”

  1. Aaron Lewis says:

    Thank you for the morning guffaw. What was that movie where they ran ‘real ads’? (“Jaguar: For men who want handjobs from women they don’t know.” Prospective buyers selecting tear-off flyers saying “Yes, I want a handjob.”)

    I’m too lazy to imdb the quote.

    It’s hard for me to envision Apple happily competing in the crazy phone space right now. And they’ll partly cannibalize iPod sales. But I admit I would like to carry less devices around, and when I’m on BART, listening to This American Life (now free weekly downloads from iTunes!), and my wife calls me on my cell, I have to
    a)Pause the iPod
    b)Take out an earbud (Shure e2c with the orange foam pads: kick-ass!)
    c)Get the cell phone out
    d)Tell my wife I don’t know if we have any rice vinegar
    e)Put the cell phone away
    f)Put the earbud back in (Shure e2c with the orange foam pads: kick-ass!)
    g)Un-pause the iPod

    And all I think of are those not-so-great ads for the ROKR where people dancing to music very easily took phone calls. It does make some sense…

    Apropos of nothing, I upgraded my homepage (I mean shrine to my kids) to entirely iWeb-generated pages. It is pretty easy, but required a lot of kluges because it doesn’t have any support for hierarchical navigation. Seems like they only figured people would throw up one default page from each template (About Me, Photos, Blog) and what else would you need in your website? The Blog needs a lot of work of course…here’s hoping iWeb 2.0 is a lot better.