die musik der bereiche

Ein Alptraum

The Conet Project is a really creepy collection of number stations, which they’ll be happy to explain to you and I posted about a couple weeks back. I was sufficiently charmed by their sinister strangeness — enhanced by the use of music boxes and toy pianos — that I made a piece of music to go with one of them, Swedish Rhapsody. Give it a listen. It’s part of a larger music project I’m doing in my noisy basement studio. Some of it’s noise, some of it’s trancy music.

Here’s the first track good enough to show around the neighborhood, Mädchen, Endut.

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9 thoughts on “die musik der bereiche”

  1. Hey, how many times have I asked you to stop posting grade school pictures of me on the internets? It’s bad enough that I had to have the “procedure,” let alone performed on me by a neighbor in the quiet of his basement, and that the “recovery” took six and a half long (and dark, oh so dark) months… but now to have just any old web browser-owning fool come along and laugh at my past? Not cool, dude. Way not cool.

  2. Musical achievement aside, I’m just impressed you found a picture as creepy as a little German girl counting over the sound of her broken music box for her “uncle.” Or whatever.

  3. Oh, for God’s sake, Jeff, Joshua, Carrie (!), somebody, bump this scoliosis nightmare down the page with a funny post!

  4. I’m deeply disappointed that there’s not ringtone of “Only by stroking this smooth, smooth cat’s body… will you receive your antidote!”

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