that guy in college

October 27th, 2006


I’ve been beefing up my playlist at work, but I keep turning back to the Bret Turner songs I ganked more than anything else. Who is Bret Turner? Just some guy my friend went to school with… and his music is actually pretty good. And damn funny. “Juan Santos” and “The Perfect Time to Take a Crap in the Sink” pale only in comparison with “The Stupid Song” (this excerpt under the photo fails to capture its comedic brilliance). I thought at first his music was one of those ‘guy in college’ effects where, since you know the guy, you give it half a listen and think since it’s better than you expected it’s OK but you’d never actually listen to it again. But 5, 10 years later the silly songs he recorded then are still in my head. And they’re still good. Did I say brilliant? Maybe that’s a bit overstepping. But they are good. Which song reminds me the most of ldopa? “Oh Thank God for Amateur Recording Equipment”.

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  2. clay says:

    I have the same thing with Bret turner. keeps on coming up in playlist. I keep on thinking “wow these songs are suprisingly good” and same as with you, he’s just some friend of a friend’s.