ubuntu t-shirts

Hey! I took a screen printing class. And one of my first decent designs was a monochromatic rendition of the Ubuntu Linux logo that you can see above.

I think the design came out quite nice; I made myself a couple shirts of various colors — the green/black logo and brown/yellow logo came out the best — and so I was wondering: would anyone be interested in buying one of these? I have a very small economy of scale here, so pricing would have to be at the microbrew level like Panic’s (awesome) t-shirts, like $19 for the shirt, $6 for the s/h. Obviously a portion of each sale would be donated to the Ubuntu project.

So: any interest? If so, comment below or email me; if there’s enough interest I’ll put up an online store.


5 thoughts on “ubuntu t-shirts”

  1. Being South African and being all in favour of the concept of ubuntu, I love the fact that an operating system is called ‘ubuntu’. But, not know much about Linux, I wonder how applicable the name is?

  2. You should shrink that logo down and put two of them on there.

    Also, they should be placed where the boobs are.

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