artificial life screensaver for windows [beta]

September 14th, 2006


Who likes beta-testing software? The author of breve (me) has just made a beta available of his breveCreatures screensaver for Windows. breveCreatures is a screensaver featuring the evolution of physically simulated virtual creatures on your desktop

He (I) would greatly appreciate any feedback you can provide!

2 Responses to “artificial life screensaver for windows [beta]”

  1. David says:

    Is it possible to make it run in a smaller window? My screen is 1600×1200 and it runs slow.

  2. Matt says:

    Env: Windows XP Pro Version 2002, sp2
    Selecting the screensaver via Display Properties opens a blank console window titled C:\WINDOWS\breve.scr (Mini preview does show in the right place). Same occurs when clicking Settings after screensaver is selected.
    Clicking Preview works correctly. Pretty. After leaving Preview, opens a blank console window titled C:\WINDOWS\breve.scr (probably just calling the mini preview again).
    When screen saver activates normally all is okay, doesn’t leave a console window.

    Summary: looking good, except console windows whenever the system executes the exe.