ask ldopa: collar stays

September 11th, 2006


Dear ldopa,

Sadly, I no longer have a job where it’s acceptable to every day wear ripped t-shirts and camouflage shorts. Thus, I have bought some nice shirts. However, as soon as I purchased the nice shirts, seconds after at my estimation, I lost the collar stays (the little plastic things that “stay” in the “collar”, you know — collar stays).

Where can I buy some of these suckers? Grocery store seems to be a big no.



20 Responses to “ask ldopa: collar stays”

  1. Nick says:

    Time to take up knitting. Collar stays are readily available at a fabric store near you, along with 1000s of buttons, snaps, zippers, and other vestment-centric items.

    Find one near you:

  2. Jim says:

    Where’d you buy the shirts? I’d think that store would also carry collar stays. Or anyplace where fine clothing is sold.

    I recently also lost my collar stays and didn’t have time to go out searching for some. So I was forced to improvise. I cut some from the heavy cardboard at the back of a notepad. Worked pretty good, too.

  3. Jon Land says:

    This image looks like it’s supposed to be an “Awareness Ribbon”, but instead of representing AIDS or Breast Cancer, it would be for Slob Awareness.

    I will create a prototype to wear for my next awards ceremony appearance.


    Make sure you check the size as well, they come in different lenghts.

  5. Elliot says:

    Ha! The first thing I do when I buy shirts is take those things off and throw them away. I thought it was just part of the packing material.

  6. Jeff says:

    Sure, Evan, I’ll just get my manservant to do it.

  7. Jon Land says:

    I firmly believe that if you can’t “iron” a shirt by cranking the hot water in the shower, putting the shirt on the towel rack, and closing the door for 20 minutes, it’s not a shirt worth wearing.

    Then again on a scale of kempt to disheveled I come in at “Columbo”.

  8. Jimmy says:

    Hmmm… not bad. The post is over 48hrs old and the discussion has yet to deteriorate into a bitch fight over somebody’s favorite contestant on “Project Runway”. I know what a hot-button the topic of fashion is to the folks at LDopa. Well, if Jeff is any indicator, anyway.

  9. Jason says:

    Buy a set of steel collar stays & keep em in your sock drawer. They can go through the washer & dryer, and keep your collars looking great for years.

    Here’s a set for $10:

  10. Jeff says:

    SOLD. Thanks, Jay.


  11. Jon Land says:

    Jeff, as your lawyer, I advise you to shave the points of the steel collar stays down to act as shivs, should you find yourself in jail. Those look like they’d make great shivs.

  12. Jeff says:

    Jon Land is a great lawyer, but nearly all of his legal advice involves “shivs”, “shanks”, or “socks filled with D-Cell batteries”.

  13. Jon Land says:

    That’s what it says on ‘Ask Jeeves’.

  14. Jimmy says:

    Soap in a pillowcase will leave fewer discernible bruises.

    …daddy drank.

  15. Jon Land says:

    Do you know how hard it is to get a billiard ball into prison? Just thinking about it makes my prostate throb.

  16. Molly says:

    I would maybe try the dry cleaners. They would probably give you a bunch for free- holding you over just long enough for your boyfriend Jason’s steel shirt stays to arrive.

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