ask ldopa: itunes library auto updating

September 10th, 2006


I was wondering if y’all had a good way to get itunes to act more like a music server. Want I really want, is for it to auto update the iTunes music library folder, and update the library according. Either the library itself, or, a watch folder that it checks, and move the files according into the library, or copies them and then labels them (using finder labels or something like that).

Or am I trying to push iTunes too far, and is there an iTunes compatible solution that’s vastly better? Ideas?

~ jesse

4 Responses to “ask ldopa: itunes library auto updating”

  1. Jeff says:

    If you run Mac OS X, I hear Daappelganger is very good:

    Of course, I happen to know the guys who wrote it.

    co-author of Daappelganger

  2. Elliot says:

    I’m not 100% clear on what the end product you’re looking for is, but it seems to me this could be accomplished with an Automator action:

    Get Specified Finder Items (Finder) > Import Audio File (iTunes)

    Be sure to check the “Delete source files after encoding” option (unless you’re sharing the folder with a friend). Then save as a Plug In for Folder Actions, and attach to the folder of your choosing.

    If you and the friend both have access to the same sharepoint, and you both attach that folder action to the folder, it will act like a drop point for music for both of your iTunes libraries. Put a file in, and it shows up as an AAC file in both yours and friend’s computers. Is that what you were aiming for?

    Otherwise, I’ve heard rumors of people running iTunes libraries completely using SMB sharepoints so they can access the same library on multiple computers. Just don’t have more than one instance of iTunes access the library at any one time, and that should work too.

  3. Nick says:

    SlimServer is worth a look as well. It has a fair amount of iTunes compatibility and features auto-updating and other good stuff.

    I use both SlimServer and Daapleganger for my iTunes-based music server.

  4. Jesse says:

    I seem to have a solution in place. Thanks all for your help!


    1. Setup music library as it’s own share
    2. Create folder script using Automator (shout out to Elliot here), and attach it to the music folder.

    Script: Get selected folder items, add songs to itunes playlist (set to library)

    3. iTunes is set to keep the library organized and share the whole thing. Just drop music files anywhere in the library folder, iTunes will add them, and organize them as needed. The folder action only detects changes, so the rest of the library is ignored.

    4. Just to be fancy, I have an itunes smart playlist which lists all of the songs added in the past 30 days.

    so far, so good!