snakes on an audience

August 22nd, 2006


This is not a review of snakes on a plane. It’s not. Sorry. There are lots of those.

This is a review of the audience. I was at the 10 pm Saturday showing at the Metreon. I held out from the very tempting 8:10, because I wanted to see it in DLP. There was hissing in the previews, one drunk fellow in the front who had good effort and rubber snake, but clearly wasn’t ready to be the star of this audience. His only solid contribution was shouting “Skanks on a Plane!” when the about to be dead whore headed off to be bit. (Note: this isn’t a spoiler. The whore always dies.)

There was a smattering of hissing through the film, a solid bit of cheering in appropriate places, laughter at the especially campy aspects of the dialog, (“Time is Tissue!” – Snake Expert) and an entertaining round of trivia with the helping girls behind me trying to figure out just what movie that Adam Sandler was in (It was “Punch Drunk Love”).

Now I know it was a Saturday night. But I really thought that they would be more audience enthusiasm. Where were the rocky freaks?

10 Responses to “snakes on an audience”

  1. Elliot says:

    I watched a showing at 9:00 on Saturday. I came about 15 minutes early just in case there was a line at the door. Imagine my surprise when I entered the theater and discovered a total of 5 people. I was shocked.

    Needless to say, there was no audience reaction.

  2. Jeff says:

    Frankly, I’m glad it bombed. I think otherwise the American movie-going audience would be setting an awful precedent:

    AMERICAN MOVIE-GOING AUDIENCE: We want purposefully terrible, preposterously campy movies!


    A.M-G.A.: We’ll even help script them ourselves on our blogs, fully customizing them to our goonish expectations!




  3. Markymark says:

    Jeff, frankly I’m a little suprised and disapointed with your stand on this one. I wasn’t ever a big fan of Snakes on a Plane; never went to a blog or anything like that, but I heard a lot about it from various friends. Mainly, that Sam Jackson was in it, the internets were (is ‘were’ correct here, or do i still say was?) going nuts over it and it had some pretty awesome phone messages you could send.

    But I saw Snakes Sunday anyway (the cheap show in my town) and the 15 or 20 of us in the theater had a blast. And this is better than what I can say for worse movies (and by worse I do mean way better movies). Most noteably House of Wax in which my friends and I got warning from the movie theater staff to keep it down because there were other people in the audience. Keep it down!? Other people?! Were they not watching the same movie we were? The one were Paris Hilton is the most notable star? It was just refreshing to finally not be the only people in the crowd that went to a movie b/c it was going to suck.

    Also you’re really thinking far too highly of the AM-GA. To prove my point, i’ll list the other top movies in america:Talladega Nights, WTC, Step Up and Accepted. Would you pay to watch any of this shit at theater prices? I wouldn’t (at least not after i saw T Nights had a 110 min run time, damn). But guess what the AM-GA would, so it gets made anyway.

  4. Jim says:

    Sounds like the reviews are mixed. But the ones that like it seem to agree with what my friend Nick said about it—”very stupid and very entertaining.”

    Can the next highly anticipated gimmick movie offer more laughs and entertainment? There’s only one way to find out. Bring on “Apocalypto,” Mel!

  5. Jim says:

    Some people still know how to have fun at the movies!

  6. Jimmy says:

    I’m shocked that all of you l-dopa Mac lickers out there let that shot at the recently released “Accepted” slide without a clever retort… what with your boyfriend, Mac, from the “Mac vs. PC” commercials playing the lead and all.

  7. 'topher says:

    Jeff reportedly wrote:
    > A.M-G.A.: We’ll even help script them ourselves on our blogs, fully customizing
    > them to our goonish expectations!

    You mean like reality TV … that stuff will never take off.

  8. Jon Land says:

    Don’t you dare pick on reality TV. I have three words for you: Flavor of Love. If reality TV didn’t exist we would have never had the opportunity to see Flavor Flav on a weekly basis, which is, next to Arrested Development. the single greatest gift television could ever bestow on the viewing public.

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