guild of calamitous intent revealed

Found via a link on “Venture Bros.” writer Jackson Publick’s livejournal:

The background image is the Venture Compound’s austere press conference room, where Jonas Sr. no doubt unveiled many a startling, fantastic invention to an eager public in bygone days, and where he probably negotiated “Rusty’s Law” with the Guild of Calamitous Intent. As for the characters, those whom you don’t recognize, your guess is as good as mine…but you’re probably wrong.

…I’m dying to know about the pink dolphin.


1 thought on “guild of calamitous intent revealed”

  1. Just want to point out that the last episode rocked. And not a little pansy-ass rocking, oh no, it was a “motha-fucking snakes on this mothafucking plane” rocking.

    “I thought God shaved your head?”
    “He does. He just leaves the sides”

    = not funny

    – Jesse

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