Brendan Small a.k.a. “Brendan” from Home Movies (and various voices on Venture Bros., notably the disturbingly smacked-out Johnny Quest from the last episode) writes and lends his teen-metal guitar to “Metalocalypse“, a new cartoon on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. The first episode aired this weekend and is, um, also here*; so far I like the premise much better than the characters — it’s often a little hard to understand what they’re saying — but given that Small once snuck a rock opera version of Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” into “Home Movies”, I’ll wager the show has potential.


* NOTE: this is probably illegal

4 thoughts on “metalocalypse”

  1. now, i love venture bros. I regularly can be heard claiming that it is the best show on tv. but does the new season strike anyone else as just a wee bit…. on crack? -jesse

  2. I would have agreed about the cracktasticness of the current season, had I not just seen the latest episode, “Twenty Years to Midnight”, which I felt was a true return to form. Also, the intro to the premiere was the most entertaining ten minutes on TV all year.

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