lieberman is out

August 9th, 2006

Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman will soon be out of office; challenger Ned Lamont has unseated him as the Democratic nominee for State Senator.

Hopefully — ideally — this is representative of a sea change in the nation’s thinking about our seemingly perpetual war against Eurasia and thus trends towards a greater calling to task of those who have brought us into this thing we’re now stuck in. Fuck the bloodthirsty warmongers, in other words. And maybe let’s all move on.

On a personal note*, when I lived in Connecticut, I always despised good ol’ “Fox News Democrat” Joe; he always seemed like a mealy-mouthed suck-up, hopelessly behind the times and genuinely unconcerned with his constituents. He waged a pointless war against Mortal Kombat long after everyone had stopped playing it in favor of Street Fighter 2 (tiger uppercut!). And let’s face it, the guy looks like the dad from Alf.


* On a even more personal note, you couldn’t pay me enough to live in Connecticut again. It’s not really as much a problem of a bad culture in Connecticut as much as the total lack of any kind of culture at all; aside from shopping malls, strip malls and chain restaurants, there’s nothing to do whatsoever in the state except sit in your condo and wonder if your hi-def plasma TV is large enough. The state is a case study of what fills a vacuum when nobody steps up and starts smallish local businesses; e.g. hello, Olive Garden. Massachusetts, where I’m currently living, has its own faults, certainly — but there’s genuinely cool places to go and hang out with friends, aspects of living which Connecticut largely stopped offering a while ago in favor of curbside drive-up Pizzatizer carry-out service at T.J. O’Pootertoot’s.

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  1. the voters of Connecticut and fade into the history books. Joe, you lost, and if you really care about anyone other than your damn self, them you will go away, the voters have spoken. Other Blogs DemBloger Below the Beltway Scrutator (Right-Wing)

  2. the voters of Connecticut and fade into the history books. Joe, you lost, and if you really care about anyone other than your damn self, them you will go away, the voters have spoken. Other Blogs DemBloger Below the Beltway Scrutator (Right-Wing)

  3. lieberman is out Posted in Politics on August 9th, 2006 by Jeff

  4. Jon Land says:

    I think Lieberman should start his own party called “The Whiny Little Centrist Bitch Party”. If the guy had a single testicle, he should have declared himself an independant BEFORE all of this so he could attempt to have a glimmer of integrity. He is simply proving that all he wants to do is win and will play any politics available to him to do so, and I’m pretty sure no one needs or wants that.

  5. Jim says:

    Isn’t that what all politicians do? Work to keep their jobs? Term limits, baby! All the way.

    Agree wholeheartedly with calling to task all who are responsible for getting us into this debacle. But that includes all Democrats who gave Bush a blank check for war.

    The Connecticut race is going to be very interesting. By all accounts, the Republican candidate doesn’t have a chance, so it’ll come down to Lamont vs. Lieberman again. And most Connecticut voters register themselves as “independent.”

    Agree with your “lack of culture” observations about Connecticut. The state seems to be devoid of any unique identity.

    Lieberman does look like the dad from Alf! He sounds like him, too!

  6. Jon Land says:

    He sounds like the dad from Alf with a touch of Droopy thrown in. Actually, he looks slightly like Droopy too.

    My favorite Lieberman moment was when after a 2004 primary he seemed thrilled to declare he was in a three-way tie for third. I believe he used the term “Joementum” there as well.

  7. Jon says:

    Regarding the race in CT, the Republican certainly will have a chance if Lieberman runs as an independent and splits the democratic vote down the middle.

    … which will leave Lieberman with a Nader-like legacy.

  8. Jon Land says:

    Good point, Jon. Sad point, though.

  9. Jeff says:

    Jon loves Ralph Nader. Sometime ask him about how he treats people who voted for Ralph Nader.

  10. Aaron Lewis says:

    Gee, Jon, how do you treat people who voted for Ralph Nader?

    I’ll throw you a bone to work with:

    : “Nader said ‘The only difference between Democrats and Republicans is the speed with which their knees hit the carpet when a lobbysit enters the room’. I believe that, and as a progressive liberal, I don’t see why I should vote Democrat – their platform is not good enough for me.”

    : “You keep talking about lesser of two evils situations, and pragmatic comprise type shit. I think that compromise of your principles leads you straight to hell. Stand up for what you believe in, and stop reading the polls.”

    Me: I voted Democrat in ’00 and ’04 (and ’92 and ’96, just to be clear), and look what good it did me. They have no leadership and no backbone. They keep playing to lose. They are getting gerrymandered off the map. I will still vote Democrat at the National level out of pragmatic lesser of two evils feelings, but I want to support true liberals at the local and state level to build a real party I believe in. I won’t fund the DLC or any other staid old political machine beholden to big money – I will only give money to truly progressive candidates. I’m so angry and frustrated…

    More food for thought: look at this Fox News piece,2933,207660,00.html

    Allow the bullshit & lies to wash over you without getting angry, and look at the real talking points they have in there:

    Democrats cannot convince a big chunk of middle America, which contains the all-important swing vote, that:

    Iraq and 9/11 aren’t connected.
    Pulling out of Iraq will not make terrorists stronger.
    Republicans have some hidden evil agenda other than doing what they think is best to fight terrorism and secure our interests.

    It is so easy for them to make these points, it’s terrifying. I have relatives, God forgive them, who are pro-Iraq-war Bush supporters, and they would nod their heads at this essay.

    From their point of view, the Democrats seem to want to do nothing after the 9/11 attack – and they believe we should do something, and it should be big, and it involves war and is justified. Now maybe they think there’s some mistakes made in the wars, but the idea of war after 9/11 has lots of merit.They think liberals (mostly Democrats) want to just ‘take it’ and not fight. So they must be scared or weak.

    The point is not that this Fox guy or my relatives are right – they’re full of shit, and full of lies fed to them by things like Fox News – it’s that it’s all so plausible to them that Republicans are good, if flawed, and Liberal Democrats have some bizarre evil agenda dreamed up by Ivory Tower academics.

    If the Democrats want the swing vote, they have to have their own policies and priorities – not reactions to the Republicans. They have to have a plan to fight terror. It’s issue number one to get a policy on, regardless of the fact that I think it’s a lower national issue than Education, Environment, HealthCare, Poverty, sustainable Economic Development, and cheaper 3/2 single family homes in the East San Francisco Bay, in that order.

    It pains me to say it, but I don’t see us winning the presidency or the senate or house in ’06 or ’08 without strong Democratic leadership declaring strong foreign policies. The Iraq quagmire looks much worse to a liberal than to the swing/middle, and is not enough to overcome percieved Democratic weakness on the war on terror.

    Oh, and by the way, Democrats need to stand up and make their policies clear and firm on Abortion, Gay Marriage, Social Security, Medicare, Tax Policy, and Flag burning, in that order.

    Waffling kills.

    I’m sorry, I guess I had a lot to get off my chest. And I’m worried that because of the split vote, we will trade Lieberman for a Republican who IS actually worse than Lieberman.

    I hate Lieberman, but make no mistake, if Lieberman were President and not Bush, the world would be a much better place.

    Still voting, but losing faith every time…

  11. Aaron Lewis says:

    Oops, at the top of that post, I screwed up the html formatting.

    The first quote is from a friend who voted for Nader in 2000, the second is from a friend who voted Libertarian in 2000.

  12. Jon Land says:

    Dude, there’s a very short list of people who wouldn’t make the world a better place by being president instead of Bush. I almost long for the days of Bush I and Reagan. In hindsight, Bush II makes them look like Al Sharpton and Kinky Friedman.

    As for voting: You’ve hit the nail on the head. I know this is no revelation, but: The reason why the ’00 election was so close was because Bush (at the time) and Gore were pulling so far to the middle that they essentially split the vote. It would have been so easy for Kerry to make a stand in ’04, but he chickened out. I read a book about the ’04 election by Newsweek reporters who followed both campaigns, and it was shocking to read about how Kerry tripped at virtually every step. This make it very easy for people to stick with the devil they knew as opposed to the slightly different devil they didn’t.

    The ’08 Democrats REALLY need to distinguish themselves, otherwise it’ll be another coin toss. Hopefully Ned Lamont will prove at the very least that you can speak out as a liberal and still have people vote for you.

    All I know is, if Hillary Clinton runs in ’08 and gets the nomination, we’ll be seeing a threepeat. Part of me is actually hoping Gore will run again. Now that he’s been out of politics for a while, it’s great to hear him speaking his mind and being human as opposed to when he was running for office. With the growing revolt against Bush, once again, it would be real easy to take a liberal stand and offer a relatively radical change in direction.

  13. Aaron Lewis says:

    I agree if Hillary wins the nomination, she loses the election.

    I have to say that I think Gore would lose, too. The history is just fatal, regardless of how well he seems now. It’s only the liberals that are giving him a chance to redeem himself – the far right thinks he’s worse, and I think the middle would consider him a has been, and not put much more thought into it.

    I’m looking for someone, anyone, else with charisma and a backbone to emerge.

    I kind of like the Kucinich/Sharpton ticket :-), they’re so electable!

  14. Jon says:

    Get in one argument with somebody about Ralph Nader and Jeff brands you for life. In fact, it has nothing to do with politics. Jeff feels that I got into a “cock-blocking” argument with a girl who insisted that over 50% of America wanted Nader to be president, but that they were scared to vote for him.

  15. Jon Land says:

    I think anyone who lived in a swing state in ’00 and voted for Nader should have learned their lesson. If they voted for Nader (in a swing state) again in ’04, they should learn their lesson through repeated beatings.

    Of course, I don’t care who voted for Nader in the blue states, that was like giving a retard a plastic hammer so he could think he was building a house. Mind you, I’m not against third party candidates at all, it’s just that Nader had no shot in hell. Unfortunately, I think that undid some of the viability that Ross Perot created in his run. Ross Perot’s run was ten times the statement that Nader’s first run was, and about one hundred times that of the second run. No offense, Jon.

    Biden/Feingold ’08! Maybe not.

  16. Nick, Registered Independent says:

    Screw ’em all. I’m voting for Jeff & Jim in ’08! (Or Jim & Jeff. Or whatever.)

    (Even though Jeff is blowing off my wedding. But I’ll resist the urge to compare him to the Nazis again.)

  17. Jimmy says:

    Connecticut is not so bad; you just have to lower your standards. I submitted that for consideration as the state’s new slogan, but sadly it was bested by “Hartford: New England’s Rising Star” (yes, that’s real, and for anybody familiar with the region, quite hysterical). My second and third submissions were “Connecticut: Where NYC and Boston come to get some sleep”, and “Hartford: The Cultural Black Hole Between NYC and Boston”, but again, no takers. Anyway, we can giggle all night long, but the bottom line is that Hartford was the first city with a pay telephone, so fuck all y’all! C-T represent!

    Regarding the endless “us vs. them” political debate, you must keep in mind two things:
    — all major elections are meaningless formalities.
    — democrat and republican are two sides of the same coin.
    I’m sure there are still a number of politicians in this country who believe in the noble idea of the good of the people, but I am just as sure that even the most successful of them will toil to the very end for naught. They may be the champions of small battles from time to time (the latest pull back on the FCC legislation to allow the next wave of media monopolies galore, for example), but they also know when they should just keep their heads down and let the machine roll on for fear of the end of their livelihoods, personal and professional reputations, and oftentimes, their very lives (let’s see,.. ummm, war, ummm,.. investigations into gas price hikes and the concurrent record breaking profits of the oil companies over the last two years, investigations into 9/11, investigations into the misrepresentation of hundreds of thousands of voters in the last couple of elections).
    Our republic is a shambles, and quite frankly, beyond any hope of repair. Wheels that were set in motion decades ago have gathered enough speed that today they are unstoppable. Clinton was simply a mandated reprieve. Don’t be surprised if we get another one in the form of Lady Clinton in the next couple of presidential terms.
    Unfortunately, solutions are not as simple as renegade third-party candidates and bumper sticker slogans. Bringing the troops back is a wonderful idea, but I can’t find a job now. What’s going to happen when the market is flooded with hundreds of thousands of new candidates looking for new jobs or hoping to get their old ones back? And let’s not forget the unlisted number of “independent contractors” that are working in the battle arena. What of them?
    New world order, folks. We could discuss for hours and not even scratch the surface of what is wrong. Shit runs deep. It’s no joke.

  18. Jim says:

    “Our republic is a shambles, and quite frankly, beyond any hope of repair.”

    No way! The USA is #1!

    America… @#$% yeah!

  19. Jimmy says:

    Wow. Thanks, some of that will easily qualify as additional ammo for the dinner table come this Thanksgiving.
    Well, if you want to take some good away from that article, you can take comfort in the fact that America is ranked 49th in literacy. ‘Cause after all, reading is for fuckin queers.
    And as for the 20% of Americans who believe that the sun orbits the earth, I’m sure there are an equal number that believe the earth spins its way around a marble likeness of the Nativity. Now, if we could only find a way to get those two camps to fight each other with sticks and blades.

  20. Nick says:

    “Now, if we could only find a way to get those two camps to fight each other with sticks and blades.”

    Oh man, THAT would make for great reality TV!

    Y’know, I bet that the U.S. is ranked #1 in output of reality TV shows! Who needs literacy when you’ve got TV!?

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