picasa web albums for iPhoto

August 3rd, 2006

Google pounds another nail into the cyber-coffin they are slowly and meticulously building — in their 20% time — for Apple’s .Mac service with the release of their Picasa Web Album Exporter for iPhoto. I tried this last night with my photogenic cat (and her boyfriend), and I was very impressed by both the ease of use and the quality of the resultant web photo album. Nice work Google!


6 Responses to “picasa web albums for iPhoto”

  1. matthias says:

    FlickrExport may likewise be of interest to you, sir.

  2. Christopher says:

    So Google offers so much stuff for free: e-mail, photo albums, maps, etc… What happens if they want to put a price tag to all this stuff? Apple’s .Mac was called iTools and was once free When it switched to paid, there was an uproar. (As much of an uproar as Apple’s market share could manage in those days.)

    I liken Google’s tactics to the perenial drug dealer analogy: The first taste is free, eventually you will pay. If not, what’s Google’s gain for offering all this free stuff?

  3. Jeff says:

    In return, they get to index your personal daaaaata; which to a company like Google, must be as rich and as tasty as fresh braaaaains would be to your garden variety, shopping-mall living dead zombie.

  4. Aaron Lewis says:

    Whoops – it’s only partly free?

    From the Learn More link at google:

    # Storage: Each Picasa Web Albums account comes with 250MB of free storage space, or room to post and share approximately 1,000 wallpaper-sized photos (at 1600 pixels each). For $25.00 per year, users can get a subscription to an additional 6GB of storage – room to post and share approximately 25,000 photos.
    # There are no ads in Picasa or on Picasa Web Albums
    # Language: Picasa Web Albums and the latest version of Picasa with web uploading are supported in English only
    # System requirements:

    * Picasa: Windows 2000/XP, Internet Explorer 6.0+
    * Picasa Web Albums Internet Explorer 6.0 (also works with IE 7 Beta 2), Firefox 1.0+ or Safari 2.0

  5. Aaron Lewis says:

    Regardless of free or not, what I want is for my relatives who are clueless and have windows PCs to be able to see my photos of my kids on the web, and then order prints online, and have them delivered to their home, without every downloading a jpeg. And I want the prints to be at highest quality.

    I know some sites do this, but I have everything loaded into iPhoto and posted with .Mac. I don’t mind posting/uploading somewhere else, but I want a nice interface, and I want to keep adding to my library in iPhoto, not somewhere else.


  6. Jeff says:

    Shutterfly? I’ve heard good things, but not used them myself.

    Tangentially: I was really impressed by the quality of greeting card produced via ordering out of iPhoto. The paper was excellent, the design was gorgeous: a class act, all the way.