riff trax

July 31st, 2006

Mike Nelson, best known for playing “Not Joel Anymore” on cult classic cable show “Mystery Science Theater”*, has a new venture: Riff Trax. For $1.99, you can download an mp3 of Mike’s commentary track which you can then sync-up and play over the movie. As of right now the only movie commentary track is, of course, Roadhouse, but there are promises of more to come.

If the commentary is half as funny as his work on Mystery Science Theater — or his excellent book Mike Nelson’s Movie Megacheese (which if memory serves I believe has an entire chapter on Roadhouse as well) — it’ll be great. I just wish I had a copy of Roadhouse lying around, then we could be going off the rails on a Swayze train. If you know what I mean.


* which always struck me as slightly unfair, as Mike was one of the writers for Joel. Sure, he didn’t have the same stoned-out charisma as Joel, but why hold that against him.

2 Responses to “riff trax”

  1. buddy says:

    Or make your own “trax” using Peanut Gallery:

    Of course, that presumes you and/or your friends are funny…

  2. Christopher says:

    Now, I can’t be ‘the annoying guy’ in the movie theater, some guy’s going to phone one in via MP3.

    Since when we my personal riffs not enough?

    When was the last time you watched a movie with a bunch of friends?