kel mckeown: instructional video

July 27th, 2006

Really impressive DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist/Kid Koala-style video here (WARNING: shitty quality YouTube video). You have to love the bassist — “gotta go, I think it’s time for lunch or something” — and his dedication to both “flange” and “mullet” is, um, remarkable. See, I just remarked upon it.

Tangentially: I always wonder what kind of software people use to create these kinds of video remixes — I can’t imagine doing this kind of work in Premiere or After Effects.

(thanks, Nick!)


4 Responses to “kel mckeown: instructional video”

  1. Nick says:

    You’re welcome. I guess I’ll stop being nasty to you now…

  2. Joshua says:

    That’s pretty neat.

    I also bet it was done in Afer Effects.

  3. cauley says:

    That was very cool. I wonder what the difference in eras was between the three?
    Also: mullet+bass+devil-may-care attitude (“I’m done teaching you hosers, lunchtime!”)+wheelchair = ROCK.

  4. Evan says:

    Pretty fuckin’ cool.

    And to keep up with the standard of the rest of my comments on…

    I bet your mom was done in After Effects too, Josh.