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I searched high and low to find instructions on how to print to my trusty AirPort Extreme wireless print server via Ubuntu linux, and came up relatively empty. I found instructions on how to set it up under Windows — obsolete instructions, as Apple actually makes an excellent utility for Windows that uses Bonjour — but nothing specific to linux. So here we go, using Ubuntu/Gnome:

  1. Select “Printing” under the Administrative settings menu; authenticate.
  2. Select “Network Printer”.
  3. Select HP JetDirect printing.
  4. Set the Host as the IP of the Airport router (probably
  5. Here’s the tricky part — all the instructions I found said to use port 9100, but this didn’t work for me. I port scanned the Airport router and got this:

    Port Scan has started ...

    Port Scanning host:

    Open TCP Port: 53 domain
    Open TCP Port: 5009
    Open TCP Port: 9101 bacula-dir
    Open TCP Port: 10000 ndmp
    Port Scan has completed ...

    …so I instead entered the printer port as 9101*.

  6. I continued on to enter the make and model of the USB printer attached to the AirPort and successfully printed an Ubuntu test page — a lovely test page, by the way, puts other printer test pages to shame.


* Not sure what Bacula has to do with it, if anything.

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  1. THANKS! Big time useful tip. Out of curiosity, what do the othe ports that result from the port scan on refer to?

  2. I have the exact same problem, but my port scan don’t show any open port in 9xxx . Just the others here mentioned: 53, 5009 and 10000. Anyone here know how the get the Airport “open up” port 9100 (or 9101) ?
    I already tried downgrading the firmware, as suggested in several places on the Net. (box= Airport Express, firmwares 6.3 and 6.1.1, i’m trying to print to a HP inkjet connected to the AE’s USB port)
    and yes, I AM using the correct IP adress, if you was going to ask for that…

  3. I have also found the same ports opened after a port scan. I had actually set the port to 53, and got some activity on the HP LaserJet 2100M printer (light blinking like it is is going to print. however nothing ever came of it. I also have the CUPS enabled to examine the printer over the browser and it replies the printer s busy and to it will retry n 30 seconds.

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