secret chief

June 29th, 2006

Thanks to the Zorn list, an oldie but a goodie — a 2002 interview with Mr. Bungle and Secret Chiefs 3 guitarist Trey Spruance:

OK, maybe not everybody’s like me, maybe they don’t slave over the fuckin’ thing for a year before getting anything done,” he says, referring to his meticulous work habits in the recording studio. “OK, fine, but still, man, can we at least figure out what we’re tryin’ to say before we start jacking off all over the tape?”

…indeed. I saw him play with Mr. Bungle on the “Disco Volante” tour and it was amazing stuff — the album still stands up, and “Desert Search for Techno Allah” still gets me every time. His exceptional work with Secret Chiefs 3 is worth checking out as well.


One Response to “secret chief”

  1. jimmy says:

    Secret Chiefs 3, particularly “Book of Horizons”, is nothing short of awe inspiring. For anybody to be able to display the compositional range this guy has is just jaw-droppingly supernatural. I find that art at that level is such a mixed blessing. After devouring it whole and immersing myself in a delirious rapture, I discover that the hangover is invariably a fetid stew of numbness, apathy and complete creative shutdown followed by a period of self loathing and deprecation for being so cretinously bold as to waste even one minute of my time on any music of my own.