über-intrusive flash ad

Josh asked me a while back if it was possible to make a .swf with an alpha (transparency) channel — I said I didn’t think so, but I was wrong, although it’s a feature often being used for evil and not good. Por ejemplo, on this page, there’s an iTunes ad which often appears on the left hand side which actually extends into the text in the center*. In a disconcerting intrusion, at some point the ad actually smashes a guitar and whips a headphone cord over the text; cool, technically, but from a readers’ perspective, godawful horrid.

(link fixed, thanks Trevor!)


*probably using the z-index feature of css, although I haven’t actually checked the code.

3 thoughts on “über-intrusive flash ad”

  1. All you need to do to give your Flash movie an “alpha channel” is use the parameter “wmode” and set it to “transparent.” Deceptively easy. I use it so that you can see the background of the page through the Flash movie; but man, do I HATE it when it’s used in ads to obscure the page you’re trying to read.

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