piggyback mountin’

June 5th, 2006

Behold: The non-awaited return of my crittercam. Witness the wacky antics of my two guinea pigs, Shaun and Danny (the boys), or my two rabbits, Sparks and Nutley (the girls). When in a cage together, Shaun and Danny will run around in circles and try to hump each other. I plan to videotape this and set it to the Benny Hill theme. For now you can see them pine for each other behind their respective bars, hoping to join each other for homoerotic pig love.

The Crittercam

P.S. My iSight has a lot of red/green fuzzies in dim light… is that normal or is this thing messed up?

5 Responses to “piggyback mountin’”

  1. Carrie says:

    …why is it so dark right now? Are you still asleep? I want to see some guinea pig love!

  2. Jon Land says:

    Oops, camera problem. There happens to be a little piggy action going on RIGHT NOW.

  3. N. Trucks says:

    But not, the camera does not walk!
    I also wanted to see some guinea pig love ;)

  4. jewellery says:

    Ok, I have to say this. I am very confused about what your site is all about. It sounds like it is trying to be serious, but at the same time, it sounds like it is trying to poke fun at “Brokeback Mountain”. So, could you help me clear this up? I am a big fan of the movie “Brokeback Mountain” and feel that it is very artfully and tastefully done. I know that there are a large number of people that agree with me on this. So, if you are making a joke on the movie’s expense, I think it is lost of me. Could you help me understand where you are coming from in that area? I know you might not have a chance to answer me personally, but if you could maybe clarify this up on your site, I know I and a lot of others would appreciate it a lot.

  5. I can’t clearly see what you got in your picture. Is that a guinea pig or a rabbit? Honestly, your post reminds me of a very downhearting experience I’ve had several days ago. I work in a café in our dorm. One day, the owner of the dorm put a bunch of animal cages beside me without even thinking that the odor and the discharges of these animals might affect me and my work. Until now I’m still suffering from this inhuman treatment.