dr. pepper berries & cream

  • Dr. Pepper? Check.
  • Berries? Check.
  • Cream? Check.

“Dr. Pepper Berries and Cream” — which sounds like a 70’s funk/soul group, but is in fact a new soda — turns out to be quite good. The flavor scienticians at Coca-Cola managed to enhance the classic sugar-malted-prune Dr. Pepper taste without losing it, a feat the previous variation of “Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla” couldn’t quite pull off. One hundred thumbs up!


25 thoughts on “dr. pepper berries & cream”

  1. you made me go look to see if coca cola had taken over Dr pepper … is still held by the fine people at Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages

    although from my prior experience dr. pepper is NOT good for mixed drinks I guess I was trying mixing it with the wrong stuff

  2. I am watching “Malcom in the Middle” it is funny!!!! Hurry it is almost over turn it on!!! Then little house on the parrie!!! holla P.S-don’t know how to spell Parrie

  3. OK, look.

    1: Coca-Cola just distributes Dr. Pepper.

    2: Dr. Pepper and Tequila (The “Doctor Pepe”) is a fine, fine drink. Squeeze in half a lime. Obviously, I invented this drink, but I’ve drunk a lot of them.

    A LOT.

    3: Dr. Peper used to contain Polyethylene Glycol, which I made a song about with my cousin.

  4. Dear Dr. Pepper,

    Your Berries and Cream variety is not at my local store. It was, then it wasn’t.

    You are a nasty little tease.

  5. First of all, this seems like a disgusting idea. Berries and cream are only good if they’re actually berries and cream. Better they should spell this “Beryz ‘n’ Creem”.
    Second, Rachel came up with a wonderful Dr. Pepper-based mixed drink. It’s Scotch and Dr. Pepper and it’s called “The Devil’s Bagpipes.” I can’t imagine this version of Dr. Pepper would do anything but make the name more apt.

  6. I’d like to amend my comments by saying that I AM an experienced Dr. Pepper drinker, having consumed enough during my junior year of high school to change my blood type to C(arbonated corn syrup).

    Mixing this unique flavor with anything other than the lusty inhalation of a thirsty drinker angers the ghosts of our ancestors.

  7. Dr. Pepper,

    There you go, being a little tease again. You say you don’t want me to find you, but I just know you want me to give you a buck for taste of your sweet, sweet nectar. You dirty whore. So put out a little baby. I’ll treat you right and recycle you when I’m done. Give me some sugar… literally.


  8. Jon can stop whining now. We found the stuff just now at the liquor store up the hill. He even got it in diet. Tell him to stop whining.

  9. Jon Land You are a freakin sicko. How about you go to another web site. What if that is a kid. you are a JACK ASS

  10. We love Diet Dr. Pepper Berries & Cream and wish they would bring it back!!! There is nothing like the taste bursting in your mouth. The flavor of this drink enhances our moods to pure euphoria. If we expire soon, we would like to be buried with in ice and Berries & Cream.

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